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Interpreting and Translating

World Speak International (WSI) provides interpreting and translation services to anyone, anywhere, over the phone, by e-mail or Skype. WSI also provides personal, face-to-face chuchotage interpreting services for clients going overseas or for those traveling to or residing in Metropolitan New York City.

Our specialties include English, French and Spanish chuchotage interpreting services.

Professional translation services with World Speak International: trusted multilingual services including French, Spanish, and Portuguese into English. Call us today!

WSI provides the following multilingual services:

  • Multilingual chuchotage interpreting by telephone, video or Skype
  • Language assistance for your business meetings, conferences, international business trips, as well as for overseas personal or business trips
  • Translation of business or personal documents
  • Call on us if you would like help in translation for immigration, medical, business, legal and general translation work.

We specialize in French to English Document Translations

If you are seeking French to English interpreting by phone, in person or electronically, WSI can assist you. Contact World Speak International and discover how years of translation experience can help you.

Are you seeking an interpreter for English to/from Spanish or French?

Finding a reliable interpreter for English to Spanish or French interpreting can be challenging. Call on World Speak International for thorough English to Spanish/French, or Spanish/French to English.

When you take overseas trips and require an interpreter...

Call on WSI to handle all your language requirements whether for business or pleasure.


For complete information about our tutoring services throughout the New York area, please go to our Tutoring page.

World Speak International specializes in the following areas of expertise:

Legal Documents, Business, Travel, Hotels & Tourism, Marketing, Sports, Music, Transportation, Web Sites, IT, etc.

WSI serves French-speaking clientele around the world and is well-known for French to English word translation.

We also provide services in Spain and the Spanish-speaking countries of the Caribbean, and throughout the Americas. Call on WSI when seeking an interpreter for English to Spanish translation, or Spanish to English translation.